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Maurine Doerken
Classroom Combat: Teaching and Television
is a comprehensive look at TV's influence on young people and their learning. Written by an experienced teacher, this book discusses in a comprehensive fashion what children learn from television and how this learning relates to their overall development.


Topics include:

  • How television relates to general learning theory.

  • TV's influence on children's formal and informal education.

  • How the medium affects young people's creative play and imaginations.

  • How television influences perception.

  • The influence of television violence and advertising.

  • How TV affects the emotional and psychological growth of children.
  • The medium's impact on the physiological development of young people.
  • How to deal with TV move creatively at home and in school.

    A must read for all parents and teachers or anyone involved with young people and their learning.

    Ms. Doerken has taught at both the elementary and high school levels and brings a passionate commitment to young people on this topic. She has also presented workshops to teachers and others involved in the field of education about this issue.

Maurine Doerken's on-going commitment to personal,
professional, creative, and spiritual growth makes her a highly
effective therapist and healer.

She welcomes adults, children adolescents, couples, and
families to explore and discover their inner potential.

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