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Meditations of a Modern Mystic is an intimate and candid journal
memoir about living from a spiritual core. It is an honest and at times intense
quest to live with congruence and integrity amidst the many problems and
complexities of life. Meditations of a Modern Mystic is for:

• Anyone who reaches mid-life and faces multiple challenges.

Anyone who has divorced after a long marriage.

• Anyone who has raised children and watched them leave home.

• Anyone who has taken care of aging parents.

• Anyone who has experienced financial loss and insecurity.

• Anyone who has ever felt “owned” by others in relationships.

• Anyone who questions orthodox religion.

• Anyone who has been through a life-threatening illness.

• Anyone who has to go back to work at mid-life, alone.

What is unique about Meditations of a Modern Mystic is that Ms.
Doerken faces her spiritual quest in the midst of a husband (then ex-husband),
four growing children, the death of both parents, and financial loss, along with
reflections on her own mortality. Think of Meditations of a Modern Mystic as
Thomas Merton Meets Anais Nin With Children or a Mystic Middle-aged Mother
Who Goes for Broke. Ms. Doerken’s journey is anything but sequestered in a
monastery or ashram. It is a very personal look about a heart struggling to find
itself within the hubbub of daily life. Ms. Doerken does not shy away from
sharing her own human frailties.

Author’s Platform:

Ms. Doerken trained for three years as a Spiritual Director at Mt. St.
Mary’s College in Los Angeles. She spent another year in private spiritual
direction doing St. Ignatius’ Retreat in Daily Life. The italicized sections in
are a direct result of the spiritual examination process she learned
at that time. Ms. Doerken has also been involved with pastoral care for a
number of years and is a Reiki Master Teacher. She understands from personal
experience the intimate connection between mind, body, and spirit.


Maurine Doerken's on-going commitment to personal,
professional, creative, and spiritual growth makes her a highly
effective therapist and healer.

She welcomes adults, children adolescents, couples, and
families to explore and discover their inner potential.

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