"the spiraling potential
without and within"





Spiritual Flashcards: 

You have been given a unique mission to accomplish, even if you don’t know what it is.

Doubt of any kind must be abolished.
Do not judge others or yourself. 
Do not hold grudges or irritation of any kind. 
All relationships and interactions are a reflection of the Divine.
(Especially those who piss you off!) 
Train the tuning fork of your mind to resonate at higher frequencies.
Concentrate on the attributes of God, of Good.
In an intelligent, creative universe there are no accidents.
Be of service whenever and wherever you can; take every opportunity to plant seeds.
Listen to your heart; your heart speaks the truth, not your head. 
Live with gratitude.
All the power and love of the universe are working on your behalf.   

Because of this:

Be generous. 
Be passionate.
Practice forgiveness. 
Practice surrender.
Practice silence.   
Remove resistance.
Concentrate on being kind rather than right.

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