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Spiritual Direction


"We have seen the highest circle of
spiraling powers. We have named this
circle God. We might have given it any
other name we wished: Abyss,
Mystery, Absolute Darkness, absolute
Light, Matter, Spirit, Ultimate Hope,
Ultimate Despair, Silence. But we
have named it God because only this
name, for primordial reasons, can stir
our hearts profoundly."

                         Nikos Kazantzakis


Spiritual Direction is a path that aids the individual to:


  • Develop a spiritual perspective and orientation in you everyday life.

  • Maintain a regular spiritual practice.

  • Deepen your sense of spiritual growth, direction, and relationships.

  • Keep spiritual commitments to yourself and others.

  • Explore a variety of perspectives on spiritual matters.

  • Develop a program of spiritual practice.

  • Set goals and keep to your spiritual contracts.

  • Encourage and support an ongoing spiritual journey.

Ms. Doerken trained as a spiritual Director at Mt. St. Mary's College in Los Angeles. She sees individuals in her private practice and has given workshops and seminars on psychospirituality. Ms. Doerken is also an experienced Reiki master teacher.

Maurine Doerken's on-going commitment to personal,
professional, creative, and spiritual growth makes her a highly
effective therapist and healer.

She welcomes adults, children adolescents, couples, and
families to explore and discover their inner potential.

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